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Metallized Films

JPFL Films Private Limited commenced the first metallizing production in January 2003 using sophisticated technology and today has a total of 13 metallizers.

Metallized Film is used for high barrier Flexible, packaging, metallic yarn, sequins for textiles, decoratives, etc. Metallized BOPP films are used for flexible packaging, gift wraps and decoaratives.


The thickness of PET films starts from 07 micron to 150 mic and thickness of OPP from 8 mic to 75 mic with maximum width of 3300 mm. Optical Density range from 1.8 to 3.5 ,Metallize PET, OPP and CPP films , Low Optical Density PET film (0.4 OD) & Alox coating.

Major technology partner - Applied Materials (Germany), Buhler ( Germany) & Bobst (UK) ,Equipped with in-Plasma treatment facility and ‘Kampf (Germany),Atlas (UK).