Top 5 Trends in the Food Packaging Industry in 2022


In the food industry, the role of packaging is as important as the quality of the ingredients. There are food segments where packaging is more important than even the ingredients. Food packaging helps food processors and manufacturers not only in marketing their products but also in increasing their shelf life. With the rapid advancements in packaging technology, this industry is also witnessing a whole new transformation, and as a result, consumers are seeing something new every day. 

Therefore, being aware of the latest trends in the field of packaging is necessary for all those food processors and manufacturers who are willing to take their products to the market in a whole new and attractive appearance.

This post sheds light on some latest trends in the food packaging industry because getting aware and staying updated about the latest packaging trends might prove to be a game-changer for the food manufacturers:

1. Technology-enabled Solutions

Smart packaging is one of the key secrets of effective packaging of food products, and the good thing is that now technology can also be embedded in it. The technology-enabled packaging solutions including flexible packaging provide the consumers with all the required information, a sense of enhanced security, and most importantly the convenience. 

Food manufacturers have already started using smart labels and printed QR codes to provide more information about their products to customers. These codes and labels can be easily scanned through smartphones empowering customers to do more. Smart food packaging can also be extremely helpful in tracking the following parameters associated with different food items:

  • pH level
  • Temperature
  • Fermentation intensity that ensures freshness
  • Flavor
  • Quality, and
  • Information regarding different compliances concerning the health standards.

2. Powerful positive sentiments are what always lead the way

Customers today have become more intelligent than ever before with increased expectations regarding the edibles that they purchase. Various market studies concluded in recent years have revealed that emotions work wonders as far as the customers’ brand decisions are concerned. The advertising campaigns that make use of emotional language prove to be more successful in connecting customers to a particular brand than just flat advertising. Be it conventional advertising or the new-age media such as social media, powerful positive sentiments are what always lead the way. 

The example of Paper Boat can be cited well here. The company has redefined the food packaging in recent years by incorporating the feeling of reminiscence aiming at adding the required emotional appeal to its packaging. Be it their taglines, conventional or social media advertising campaigns, or graphics, all reflect a particular period in an impeccable manner. In the same way, the packaging is also an effective and efficient way to reflect the philosophy and vision of a particular brand. High-end graphics are being used by various brands to convey the message that whatever customers are buying contains high-quality ingredients. 

3. Transparent and Clear Labeling

Be it flexible packaging or any other method, various market research results conducted recently on Packaging and Consumer Behavior indicate that more than 38% of customers love to buy all those newly launched products that contain transparent and clear labeling with ample information. In the past 20 years, consumers around the globe have become aware of what they are buying and eating. Therefore, they want more and more information about the particular products in an easy language with excellent readability. It is because fine reading is always tough and irritating. 

All the reputed companies the world over are opting for transparent packaging with clear labeling to provide their customers with information about the contents their products are made of. Neat and clean labeling with readable text can also help food manufacturing companies not only to upscale their brand but also assist customers in making well-informed purchases. 

4. Increased Portability

Life has become fast like never before and modern consumers follow an ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle. All this has triggered the need for edibles that can be easily grabbed, hold, carried, and eaten. Food producers around the globe have understood such requirements and to fulfill their customers’ requirements, they are striving hard to provide their food products the portability they need. Right from chocolate manufacturers to snack makers, all are putting in ample efforts to make their products portable. 

5. Personalization

Personalization plays a pivotal role in food packaging, and currently, it is a leading trend the world over. As per a strong database concluded from the consumers’ reviews, more than 50% of new-age customers want to buy personalized products. Over the past 20 years, the manufacturing speed of food manufacturing has witnessed a large number of positive changes which have made personalization a reality all the way. Here the example of Coca-Cola can be cited to understand things better. After the company launched containers/bottles printed with names, their stores both online and offline saw a never-before boost in sales. 

As far as the trend of personalization in food packaging in developing countries is concerned, it is still to be made affordable, and various businesses across segments have already started offering some custom-made packaging. As for manual customization, manufacturers are making use of so many things including customized bags, gift tags, attractive boxes, and stickers to power up their brand recall and appeal.

Over the past 2 decades, the packaging material suppliers in India have also come up with a wide range of packaging solutions to meet the needs of not only the customers in India but also abroad. The manufacturers in India are offering a full range of BOPP Films from 7 to 70 microns, PET Films from 7 to 350 microns, and Metalized Films. 


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