Top 5 Challenges in the Field of Packaging

Packaging plays a pivotal role in enticing customers to make purchases of different products. However, substandard packaging options chosen by product manufacturers not only can lead to a heavy fall in sales but also bring a huge reduction in product quality as well as higher costs. Because of the stakes, it is necessary to address all the challenges that manufacturers come across while packaging their products using either flexible packaging solutions or any other methodology.  

Some of the Top Challenges in the Field of Product Packaging in the Following Points:

1. Sustainability

As the world is already witnessing a never-before increase in the gravity of pollution of different types, the field of packaging needs to be extremely particular about sustainability factors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 30% of the total garbage contents that municipal corporation bodies around the globe are dealing with come from packaging only. This huge amount of solid waste equals around 80.1 million tons of garbage to be treated and handled. Therefore, in light of the same, companies dealing either in food packaging or any other field must think about how their packaging is affecting the environment. 
Sustainable packaging has become the need of the hour as it makes use of fewer raw materials causing a lesser amount of solid waste while encouraging recycling. At the Packaging Innovations 2020 Conference, industry experts took note of the significance of exploring and finding newer ways to deal with the disposal of garbage, particularly plastic, intending to decrease pollution. The attendees participating in the conference emphasized the need to be ‘carbon zero’ by the end of the year 2050 intending to bring down the level of greenhouse gases on the planet. 
The experts also laid stress on promoting more and more cycling as well as innovative ways of handling waste. As a result, various industrial giants across the globe have already started reducing the need for costly virgin plastic while encouraging recycling. A large number of companies are investing a robust amount in sustainability-related efforts while advertising on containers aiming to educate environmentally conscious consumers.

2. Protection of products

It is an open secret that sustainable In-Mold Label packaging protects the planet. But all things considered, it must protect products inside. In sync with the nature of the product, the manufacturers of different products might need more robust and rigid containers or packaging solutions in comparison to what other products need. Some extremely delicate products might need very sturdy exterior packaging so that the crushing of the products inside can be prevented well. For enhanced safety and protection, air cushions and multiple packaging layers that are most commonly utilized with the packaging of chips can be the best possible options for safeguarding different delicate products from the outside. 

3. Recognition

Recognition plays a very crucial role in creating a perception of your products in the market. A consumer must know your product and its category effortlessly just by taking a look at its packaging. Even a little bit of similarity to another product concerning the design or graphics can create a big confusion in the consumer’s mind. Brand recognition holds the utmost significance in the packaging. When branding remains consistent for a longer duration, it results in a 20% increase in the overall worth of the product. 
Other the other hand, the brands that don’t maintain consistency lose the same percentage of their product worth. The example of the Old Spice can be cited here. The brand experienced a very negative impact of inconsistency when it changed its cologne packaging. Consumers did not appreciate this change. Therefore, playing with the recognition-related aspects of products might be a two-edged sword in many cases. 

4. Freshness and Flavour

Freshness is yet another crucial challenge associated with the packaging of products, particularly in the food industry. Though some products might be perfect for consumption even after many months of packaging, they might have a very short life when it comes to maintaining their flavour and freshness. Therefore, it is necessary that food products must maintain their freshness and flavour until they are bought and consumed. 
There is a warning story regarding the Lipton Company’s product freshness. When the company chose to redesign its 100-count teabag to have 25 bags in each box, the idea did not work at all concerning the optimum product use. Once a consumer tore or cut one of the sleeves, the rest of the tea bags lost their freshness. It is a clear indication that sacrificing freshness for aesthetic appeal might not work every time for every product. 

5. Point of Sale Impression

The point-of-sale impressions determine the mindset of the customers with the power to influence their buying decision. Marketing experts believe that packaging changes the mindset of 60% of consumers when it comes to buying or not buying a product. Additionally, if they have an encouraging experience with the packaging while buying any product for the first time, 41% of consumers from them will go for a repurchase. While evaluating a product by the packaging, a consumer often looks at the following:
  • Convenience and overall ease of handling
  • New-age interactivity systems such as QR codes
  • Ergonomics, and
  • The nature of the information provided
  • The overall aesthetic appeal, and
  • The mark of originality.


It is now a fact that playing with packaging can result in a drastic effect on the sales of any product. Change always might not be good but in many cases, it has been extremely fruitful also. Be it sustainability, recognition, or even maintaining freshness, everything has a deep concern over packaging. To meet the needs of its customers belonging to diverse industries, JPFL Films provides them with fully customized, high-quality packaging solutions. The company has decades of proven experience within the industry complemented by world-class infrastructure and dedicated manpower. For more details regarding the complete product profile of the company, one can visit its website.