Role of Packaging in Promotions and Market Development

A large number of studies have shown that packaging is not merely a method of packing different products to put on sale, rather it might also be a tool to market products very effectively and efficiently. Strategic and appealing packaging carried out making use of high-quality Textile BOPP film and BOPP tape Film not only can increase product visibility but also takes customer satisfaction to a higher level while setting a particular product apart from its rivals. In essence, packaging plays a very significant role in the process of product branding by alluring and providing customers with what they are really searching for. 
This blog discusses in detail the role of packaging in the market development for different products-

The Functionality of Product Packaging

Safeguarding the products from different shocks, jerks and jolts is one of the primary purposes of packaging when products are shipped. Any product before going to the store shelf travels a lot. Apart from a form of protection, the packaging is also considered to be the dress of the products in the field of marketing and market development. The better and more attractive it is, the more customers will take interest in it. Therefore, this dress of products leaves an unfailing impression, be it a well-established product or a new entrant in the market. 

Information and self-service for the customer

The information that different manufacturers provide to their customers on the packaging plays a crucial role in winning customers. It is important particularly when a new product is launched. This information can guide and educate the customers about how to use the products, and what the product is made of. When any product is sold across markets in huge quantities, it is almost impossible for the manufacturer or the dealer to have a dedicated salesman for each product to explain the subtleties related to the product. These pieces of important information act as self-service agents for the customers and as a result contribute to winning customers. 

Product Branding Opportunities

The way a product is packed plays a crucial role in its branding process. Effective branding calls for a consistent logo, taglines, slogan, and special color. For example, if you look at any promotional material released by Axis Bank, then the burgundy color scheme will tell you a lot about its brand value through instant recognition. In the same way, all the elements chosen for the product packaging are what differentiate products or a business from its competition. 
This distinctness helps strengthen branding while making loyal customers. The significance of branding and packaging becomes even more important when a particular product shares a store shelf with a large number of other products. The right kind of packaging helps the familiar product stand out from the crowd while getting more customers by harnessing the power of effective and efficient branding and packaging. 

Packaging Plays with the Perception of Buyers 

If you are a serious buyer then you might have experienced that when your favorite brand suddenly changes the external appearance of your favorite product, you often stop yourself for a moment from buying it. You always want to make sure that that’s the same product you have been buying for many years. Such is the perception concerning any particular product. When brands remain consistent with their way of packaging, it creates a certain perception in the minds of the buyers concerning that product. This way, their perception regarding that particular product deepens over time while making the loyalty more unwavering. 

Packaging Helps Customers in Making the First-Time-Right Purchase

Better and well-thought packaging can also play a great role in creating effective sales copies on the external side of the product. Today’s customers have become very smart and they always want to make a first-time-right purchase. A good packaging methodology also helps write better sales copy apart from detailed information regarding shape, size, measurements and how-to-use guide on the product. 
All of these help customers in making a first-time-right purchase while making their buying experience hassle-free. An example of under-the-sink garbage bin can be cited here. A packaging box or label which describes the height, width and depth of a garbage bin inside a store helps customers a lot in determining if that fits their needs well. 

The Utility Factor 

Apart from making the product attractive and appealing among buyers, a good packaging methodology has a very close connection with the utility of the product and even its packaging. Suppose that you have bought a packet of sugar or anything sweet, then you would never want ants to enter inside. The customers who don’t want to store that in a separate container will be using that packet in the same original condition. If that sugar brand provides the customer with utility packaging, it will win more customers for sure. 

Packaging - Final Salesman on the Frontier

In the field of marketing and market development, it is said that packaging is the final salesman on the frontier and it plays a great role in consumers’ decision-making. Brands spend a lot of promotional activities to bring customers to the store, and in many instances, the decision of the customers is deeply influenced by the packaging of the product. An age-old philosophy works behind all this. As they say that there is no dearth of people who judge a book by its cover. Such is the power of packaging. 


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