Exploring the Uniqueness and Versatility of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Films


Biaxially oriented polypropylene abbreviated as BOPP is a kind of flexible film used around the globe for the packaging of a large number of food and non-food items. An antifog BOPP Films is an important variant of such high utility films. Over the past few decades, the packaging industry has witnessed so many sea changes driven by constant innovation and efforts made by the leading packaging and anti fog film manufacturers to come up with something truly remarkable. BOPP films are the result of the same.


Just contrary to shrink films, the BOPP films are utilized as an overwrap film for the packaging of numerous products. These packaging films are applied by over-the-product wrapping. Most commonly, BOPP films find applications in food packaging. However, they have started replacing cellophane across applications, particularly cigarette and snack packaging. The primary reason behind this is that BOPP packaging films are cost-effective and superior in performance.   

Some most prominent features and attributes of BOPP packaging films at a glance 

Increased barrier properties 

BOPP films most commonly find applications in the packaging of food products because they offer unmatched barrier properties to water vapor and oxygen. Their capacity to withstand resistance and flex-crack is also remarkable when compared to polypropylene shrink films. Food items call for high barrier capabilities so that they can stay quality-intact under all types of external conditions and circumstances, and BOPP films are simply matchless in that regard. 

Shelf life extension

Be it buyer/consumer or original product manufacturer, the shelf life of food products plays a crucial role when it comes to getting and offering the best value for money. When compared to all other conventional forms of packaging materials, BOPP films offer a more effective moisture barrier to products, and when used in the metalized form, these films provide an even better oxygen barrier to whatever is packed using them. Both these amazing properties of these revolutionary packaging films play a very crucial role in increasing the shelf life of products benefiting both consumers and manufacturers optimally. 

BOPP films help maintain consistent and excellent seal integrity

Other than excellent barrier properties, BOPP films are also well-known for offering outstanding seal integrity, primarily because of their extremely narrow gauge spread. Some other features and attributes of BOPP films that benefit the food packaging industry to maintain high product quality include the following:


Excellent heat seal strength

Lower seal initiation temperature

Broad sealing window, and

Good machinability.




Sustainability is yet another remarkable feature associated with Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films. It is because these films come with relatively very low carbon footprints in comparison to many other conventional plastic substrates and materials. BOPP films, after cellulose films, are considered to be the second most utilized substrate for a large number of flexible food packaging solutions. Since the manufacturing material of BOPP films has a very low melting point, it calls for very low energy for an effective and efficient conversion from one form to other. This is the reason reprocessed granules of BOPP resin find applications on a large scale in the manufacturing of the following apart from just packaging solutions:


Injection molded parts

Sitting mats



Automobile parts etc.  


Aesthetic / Graphics

It is a well-established fact that BOPP films are most commonly used for food packaging which calls for extremely pleasing aesthetic graphics and other presentable features for increasing commercial viability of different food products. And, on this front also, BOPP films score very heavily over all other ones. These films offer excellent transparency and provide all the products with eye-catching aesthetics for an everlasting impact on the psychology of the buyers or the consumers. These films offer high-quality graphics ability because all types of half-tone printing jobs, carried out making use of multicolor printing, are also very easy with BOPP films.  


The white opaque variants of BOPP films are well-known for offering superb whiteness with high opacity and unmatched gloss providing the packaged products with an extremely attractive look and feel. On the other hand, the metalized variants of BOPP films enrich different products to stand out in the crowd of other products while on the shelf across the retail stores. What’s more, to enhance the aesthetics of different products using BOPP films, different other procedures can also be carried out easily and cost-effectively because of:


Excellent surface tension

Post lamination operations such as foil stamping

UV spot coating, and



Density is one of the most prominent properties associated with BOPP films. This uniqueness separates it from all other forms of flexible packaging materials. The low density of BOPP resins provides better yields during the conversion process and thus supports the policy or philosophy of less consumption of plastic per piece. Low density also creates less weight per roll resulting in ease of handling during transportation and logistics.  

Some of the top applications areas of BOPP Films 

BOPP films, due to their excellent features and characteristics, are comprehensively used in the national and global food packaging industry. Some of the most prominent application areas include the following:


Bags, pouches, and labels


Adhesive tapes

Packaging of personal care products

Products that call for tamper evident films

Food and beverage packaging

Cigarette, and medical packaging

Lamination, and decorative applications

Industrial applications

Gift wrapping, flower sleeves, and

Bagging, etc.



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